Home Movies Bingefest Schedule

Home Movies Bingefest Schedule

*all times in PT are approximate and subject to change

Thursday, April 26th
9:00am PT - Seasons 1 begins
~2:50pm PT - Season 2 begins

Friday, April 27th 
~ 9:00am PT - Seasons 3 begins
~2:55pm PT - Season 4 begins

Saturday, April 28th [Commentaries & Bonus Features]
~9:04am PT - Interview with Loren Bouchard
~9:33am PT - Animatics "Director's Cut"
~9:56am PT - "The Thor Von Clemson Advanced Fast Hand Finger Master Wizard Class"
~10:08am PT - Animatics "School Nurse" [Commentary]
~10:37am PT - Interview with Brendon Small
~11:00am PT - Animatics "Politics"
~11:26am PT - "Camp" [Commentary with Modest Mouse]
~11:52am PT - "Baby Pranks"
~12:02pm PT - Animatics "History"
~12:28pm PT - Interview with H. Jon Benjamin
~1:00pm PT - Animatics "The Party"
~1:27pm PT - Interview with Loren, Brendon and Jon
~1:47pm PT - Animatics "Shore Leave"
~2:13pm PT - "Psycho-Delicate" [Commentary with The Staff of The Onion]
~2:40pm PT - Memories: Guest Stars Remember Home Movies
~2:54pm PT - Animatics "Guitarmageddon"
~3:20pm PT - Brendon Small Interviews Melissa Galsky
~3:36pm PT - Animatics "Coffins and Cradles"
~4:09pm PT - Audio Anatomy Of A Scene
~4:23pm PT - Animatics "Camp"
~4:50pm PT - "Temporary Blindness" [Commentary with The Shins]
~5:17pm PT - Interview with Loren Bouchard, Melissa Galsky & Brendon Small
~5:35pm PT - Animatics "The Wizard's Baker"
~6:00pm PT - Play the Home Movies Theme In One Easy Lesson!
~6:08pm PT - Animatics "Those Bitches Tried To Cheat Me"
~6:34pm PT - Home Movies Writer Bill Braudis Speaks!
~6:42pm PT - A Featurette For People Who Don't Necessarily Like "Home Movies" By Jon Benjamin
~6:54pm PT - "Everyone's Entitled To My Opinion" [Commentary with The Staff of The Onion]
~7:20pm PT - The Beginning Of The Genesis Of The Origin Of Home Movies - The Very First Sessions With Loren Bouchard


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