Kamen Rider Zero-One: S1 E28 - My Rap Will Change the World! Kamen Rider Zero-One

At last, the final round of the “Five Jobs Contest” is here. The public referendum to vote on whether an autonomous Humagear city should be implemented or not has become clearly split into a black and white matter between “Hiden’s Humagear-supporting faction” and “ZAIA’s Humagear-opposing faction.” The final contest then must be through speeches. While the ZAIA side can give backing to a politican who opposes Humagears, Hiden’s side can’t call upon a politican Humagear… This is because there’s no way a non-human Humagear can be chosen as a politician in a human election. In order to strongly promote their vision for the Humagear’s independent city, Hiden has prepared a new Humagear. That is: rapper Humagear MC Check-It-Out!

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