Lost In Austen: S1 E4 - Episode 4 Lost In Austen

The uproar in Pemberley is increased with the announcement of Darcy's engagement to Caroline Bingley. At the same time the news that Lydia has gone off with Bingley causes distress in the Bennet family. After Amanda's fervent words, Mr Bennet feels obliged to duel Bingley and is hurt in the event of it. In an effort to get help and find Elizabeth, Amanda unexpectedly returns to her twenty-first century. Darcy, on following Amanda into the present-day London, feels at a lost and face to face with his alleged wife-to-be. Elizabeth now works as a nanny is quite familiar with the technological inventions of our time and even the Mr Darcy-Colin Firth phenomenon - and thus realizes that she has just met her intended husband-to-be. Elizabeth is informed of her father's injury and with Amanda and Darcy she sets of to Georgian England to enter the Bennet home once again.

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