Pacific Blue: S1 E10 - Captive Audience Pacific Blue

T.C. and Cory go to the bank to do something. That's when 3 men come in whom Cory makes as bank robbers, and tries to let them go but the security guard jumps the gun and they're trapped. T.C. who wasn't seen stays hidden. When the SWAT team arrives they see T.C.'s bike and calls Palermo who arrives and is told by the others that Cory's with him. The bank robbers only want to talk to Palermo. T.C. somehow gets all the hostages out except for him, Cory and a pregnant woman. Palermo wants to have the bank's security system deactivated so he has Chris and Victor look for the designer who's a bit weird. The SWAT leader wants to go in but Palermo wants them to wait.

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