Republic Of Doyle: S4 E3 - Identity Crisis Republic Of Doyle

The Doyles are approached by a man (Sean Baek) who says his wife (Sonya Salomaa) has been dead for two years and has just resurfaced in a photo in the newspaper. The team is tasked with tracking her down, but when they find her living under an assumed name and living a new life, the whole situation becomes even more tangly; especially for Jake, who ends up tied up and at the wrong end of a knife - held by the very woman heís been hired to find. Can Jake fight his way out of his restraints in time to figure out if the woman is trying to hide ñ or trying to escape?While undercover, Leslie starts to earn the trust of Oxy dealer Taylor Gossard (Joel Thomas Hynes). In fact, he ís offering to cut her into the business by getting her to move merchandise for him. Meanwhile, Kathleen finds Tinny with a photo of her convict father (Paul Gross) and becomes worried. Her suspicions turn out to be warranted, when Tinny goes to the prison to visit her father.

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