Robin Of Sherwood: S3 E6 - The Sheriff Of Nottingham Robin Of Sherwood

The King decides to divorce his queen and marry the 12-year-old Isabella of Angoulême, moving the rejected, outraged Queen Hadwisa to plot with her relatives for the King's deposition. At the same time, the outlaws save the life of a man named Arthur, who arrives in Sherwood chased by a gang of soldiers. Arthur claims that he's a poor steward, falsely accused of stealing from his master; however, with his fine manners and knowledge of Latin and poetry, the outlaws soon conclude that Arthur is not who he claims to be. With the Sheriff badly injured, Gisburne is coaxed by Hadwisa into joining the Gloucesters' conspiracy, and the outlaws must determine their newest member's true identity and then unravel the royals' scheme before it ends in assassination.

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