Then Again With Herbie J. Pilato: A Tribute To "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" Then Again With Herbie J. Pilato

“Oh, Mr. Grant!" - a.k.a. Ed Asner - makes a special guest-appearance on Then Again with Herbie J Pilato. One of the most revered and talented actors in classic television programming and beyond (including countless feature film and live theatre performances), Asner initially found fame via TV in 1970 with his debut on The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Lou Grant, the gruff but lovable boss to America’s sweetheart. In one of the most unique moments in pop-culture history, Asner went on to star in a 60-minute sequel to the Moore series titled Lou Grant, which became the first one-hour drama to be derived from a half-hour sitcom. Asner shares his memories of Moore, and his extensive career (which dates back to classic anthology TV shows like Studio One in Hollywood and Armstrong Circle Theatre), as well as his political and personal views and opinions on life across the board. “He’s got spunk” – and you’re going to like it!

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