Then Again With Herbie J. Pilato: A Tribute To "Wild Wild West" Then Again With Herbie J. Pilato

Tough and talented.  Those two words best describe the persona of actor Robert Conrad who played government agent Jim West on TV’s classic sci-fi/fantasy western The Wild Wild West, which originally aired on CBS from 1965 to 1969.  One of the most unique TV shows in the history of the medium, The Wild Wild West successfully combined several genres into one hit series, which also featured the late Ross Martin as Artemus “Artie” Gordon, right-hand-man to Robert Conrad’s Jim West.  Herbie J talks with Conrad about his role as Jim West, Ross Martin, and the many appealing aspects of The Wild Wild West, which featured an amazing array of guest stars such as Michael Dunn, Victor Buono, and an Emmy-nominated Agnes Moorehead.

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