Ultraman Dyna: Return Of Hanejiro

Hanejiro was a little alien creature who was the friend of the Super GUTS team when they battled together with Ultraman Dyna against aliens and monsters who wanted to conquer the Earth. After many successful battles, Hanejiro returned to his home planet. When the Super GUTS team battles against the monster Auon, they spy their old enemies, the Miji Aliens fleeing from the city. The Super GUTS team tries to track them down, but the aliens evade them. Soon, though, the Super GUTS team recieves a message warning them of an alien force planning to invade the Earth. The message comes from Hanejiro! These new alien invaders, the Dehado Aliens send a super weapon which gives the monster Auon even greater powers. When Ultraman Dyna battles the new super powered Auon, the Super GUTS must convince the Miji aliens to join with them to battle these new invaders with Hanejiro's help. A desperate plan is put into efect. But can they succeed?


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