Ultraman Gaia: Once Again Gaia

In the years following Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul's battle with the super giant monster Zog, the Earth seems to be once again at peace. But the Expanded Interceptive Guardians (XIG) team picks up strange message from the sea. Team Marlin, XIG's oceanic specialists are sent to investigate. Gamu Takayama, the XIG member who transformed into Ultraman Gaia, once again join the team. Meanwhile, Hiroya Fujimiya, the man who transformed into Ultraman Agul, is contacted by a mysterious young girl. The girl is actually one of the Renaal, intelligent creatures from the communicate with Fujimiya. Fujimiya learns that he must once again transform into Ultraman Agul to defend the Barth against a mysterious giant monster called Gakozom. But Ultraman Agul can't defeat Gakuzom alone. Can Gamu Takayama make it back to the Earth's surface in time to transform into Ultraman Gaia and help Agul defeat this menace?


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