Ultraman Tiga Side Story: Revival Of The Ancient Giant

5,000 years ago the ancient people of the Japanese islands had a legend of a giant of light. Even in those far off days, the legend was already old, dating from a time long before recorded history. The ancients believed the legend was proof that when the Earth was in danger, this being of light cam to rescue them. And that the light would one day return. In the year 2038, Tsubasa Madoka, the son of Daigo Madoka the Global Unlimited Task Squad (GUTS) agent who transformed into Ultraman Tiga, is on a routine patrol in the Neo Super GUTS plane Alpha Superior. Suddenly, the monster Jomonoid appears. Both the monster and Tsubasa's aircraft are pulled into weird forcefield which throws them into a time slip. They find themselves in Earth's ancient past. Dogumaguma, a powerful wizard, believes that the appearance of Jomonoid signals the SOON return of the giant of light and sets out to destroy Tiga Village, where the legend says that the giant will be rborn. Tsubasa recieves an ancient artifact which transform himself into Ultraman Tiga. He uses it to transform into Ultraman Tiga to battle the monster Jomonoid. But somethis is wrong. Ultraman Tiga does not have all of his powers. When the wizard spots the giant's weakness and sends the monster Doguf against him, can Ultraman Tiga be revived once more to save the people?


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