Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet

"Former TEAM EYES' elite member Musashi sets out on his journey to the Planet Juran to realise his dream of becoming an astronaut. However, upon his arrival he noticed the planet has been turned into a desert and covered with scarlet red sand. Musashi finds himself under attack by the monster weapon Scorpis but in the nick of time is saved by a mysterious bright light from the sky. When he returns to earth to attend the wedding of his friend in Saipan, Musashi meets a beautiful girl named Shau who claims to come from the bottom of the sea. Just then, Monster Scorpis reappears in the sky above the island and Musashi faces the monster in order to protect the girl. What is the girl’s true form? And what is the strange shadowy form that follows the monster Scorpis? This thrill packed film which continues the adventures of Ultraman Cosmos from the TV series is the first Ultraman theatrical movie to be shot outside of Japan and features picturesque exotic locations from Saipan."


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