Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna & Ultraman Gaia: The Battle In Hyper Space

Nine year old Tsutomu's greatest wish is to meet his hero: Agent Gam of the XIG Team, the human alter ego of the mighty ULTRAMAN GAIA. Of course, Tsutomu knows that ULTRAMAN GAIA and the monsters he battles aren't real, they're just characters on a TV show. Right? One day Tsutomu discovers a strange glowing red stone that has the amazing power to make wishes come true. But he finds out some wishes are better off not coming true when Hiroshi, the biggest meanest bully in the whole schoolyard gets a hold of the wishing stone and uses it to conjure up a gigantic monster even meaner than he is! Now it's up to Tsutomu to bring the skyscraper sized silver and red super hero ULTRAMAN GAIA into the real world to battle the beasts. But when Hiroshi and his nasty pals dream up three more of the biggest, baddest, rail train stomping, tanker truck chomping, city smashing monsters the world has ever seen, it's more than even the might ULTRAMAN GAIA can handle. That's when the legendary heroes ULTRAMAN TIGA and ULTRAMAN DYNA appear to challenge these monstrous menaces to the showdown to end all showdowns. Can the three super human heroes vanquish these menacing monstrosities before they level planet Earth?


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