Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact

Musashi is a 10 year old boy with big dreams. He wants to grow up to be an astronaut so he can fly through the stars and meet his hero Ultraman. His mother worries that Musashi daydreams too much, but his police officer father thinks a little bit of daydreaming never hurts anyone. Late one night Musashi is out with his friends at a neighborhood park. He has brought his telescope so everyone can get a look at the lunar eclipse. Suddenly a big storm hits and Musashi’s friends run home, leaving Musashi alone. Just at that moment, far off in space, Alien Baltan, a massive insect like creature with claws like those of a giant lobster, is engaged in a tremendous battle with Ultraman Cosmos. As the two giants enter Earth’s orbit they lash out at each other with powerful energy beam weapons. There is a massive explosion and one of the giants begins to tumble to Earth. Meanwhile, the SRC (Science Research Circle) is monitoring strange signals from space. The nature of the signals seems to be a conversation between two alien creatures. The storm begins to clear and Musashi, still alone in the park, points his telescope towards the moon. But instead of the moon he sees the form of Ultraman Cosmos falling towards the Earth. The following morning Musashi runs to where Ultraman Cosmos has landed. The giant alien is obviously hurt and his energy levels are getting so low he appears to be transparent. Musashi knows that Ultraman gets his energy from light, so he gathers up everything shiny he can find and directs the morning sunlight directly at the fallen alien. He succeeds in reviving Ultraman Cosmos. Telepathically Ultraman Cosmos speaks to Musashi saying he has “true bravery” and gives him a small blue jewel. Then the giant alien flies away. When Musashi tells his story no one believes him except for the SRC. The time of his story corresponds to the time they picked up the strange signals from space. But before they can examine matter further a gigantic monster appears and SRC dashes into action. Will the SRC be able to stop the powerful monster? Or Can Musashi once again call upon the power of Ultraman Cosmos to save the day? And what about Alien Baltan? Will the monstrous insect-like beast reappear on Earth?


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