Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy: The Movie

Somewhere three million light years from the Earth, lies the Planet of M-78, also known as “Land of Light”. This is where the Ultraman family lives in peace. The peace is broken when one of the ambitious family members, Ultraman Belial who has been imprisoned by Ultraman King for turning evil breaks the prison. Possessing the forbidden and all-mighty item called “Giga Battlenizer”, Belial runs rampant, knocking down one Ultraman after another who tries to stop him. Eventually, Belial fights his way to the land’s eco-energy storage center and snatches the energy away, leaving the whole land in darkness… As a last resort, Ultraman Mebius and the rookie Ultraman Zero, turns for help to the mysterious young man called Rei who controls over one hundred monsters to challenge Belial and his troops of monsters. Will the trio be able to save the Light of Land and the Universe from the powerful claws of Belial?


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