Ultraman Cosmos vs Ultraman Justice: The Final Battle

“Thirty five hours from now on all life on this planet will be reset. This is the final decision in the matter of Cosmic Justice.” Such is the order from Derashion, a powerful force from beyond the stars. Is this the end for all life on Earth as we know it? Will the strange forces of Cosmic Justice prevail, or will Ultraman Cosmos’ love for planet Earth and its people win the battle? When Ultraman Cosmos is overcome by the overwhelming power of ultraman Justice is this the end of Ultraman Cosmos forever? Team EYES captain Fubuki meets Julie, a mysterious being who is the human form of the space giant Ultraman Justice. Julie claims she has come to Earth in the name of Derashion, a being who executes the will of Cosmic Justice. Derashion, she says, has made a prediction that in 2000 years Earth will develop into a dangerous planet. To prevent this, it has been decided that all humanity must be utterly eliminated. Now it is up to Team EYES to prove to Derashion and Ultraman Justice that the Earth is not a threat to the Cosmic Order. But how can the Earth withstand Derashion’s mighty robotic monster Gloakar Bishop? Gloakar Bishop first appears in the form of a gigantic spacecraft, the Gloakar Mothership. Once the spaceship has transformed itself into the robotic beast it can never return to its original form. Gloakar Bishop is equipped with a dizzying array of super weapons including the Bishop Cannon a powerful blasting machine and a terrible beam weapon called the Jirusadesu Beam. The final battle now begins. Is Ultraman Justice friend or foe?


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